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Outdoor School for All Bill Introduced in Minnesota

Deep Portage Supports Outdoor School for All

Deep Portage Learning Center announced its participation and support of the development of the Minnesota Outdoor School For All bill. Deep Portage Executive Director, Lindsay Bjorklund, is a leader within the Outdoor School for All Minnesota coalition which is introducing the bill today in the Minnesota legislature. The bill, which was co-authored by Rep. Kristi Pursell, would fully fund a three-day, two-night immersive nature experience for every fourth through eighth grade student in Minnesota. The goal is for the bill to be considered as part of the May 2024 Supplemental Budget Session.

Improving Access to Outdoor School

Only 30% of Minnesota students are able to access outdoor school, and children of color and low-income families are less likely to have access to the outdoors and its benefits. This bill will provide crucial funding to help close the access disparity gap, while also preserving Minnesota’s outdoor legacy and providing enhanced educational and social outcomes.

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