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  • No pistols or handguns, unless approved by the Deep Portage safety range officer.

  • Rifles .50 caliber and smaller (no tracer or armor piercing ammunition).

  • For rifles, no large clip magazines with rapid quick firing. The range is designed for firearms safety and precision accuracy training, not burst firing.

  • Clay pigeon course: shotguns only 10 gauge and smaller.

  • The Deep Portage shooting safety range officer has the right to ask shooters to leave if they do not comply with firearms safety or range rules.

Educating youth and the public on the highest levels of safe firearms handling and providing safe and enjoyable shooting experiences has been a staple at Deep Portage for many years.


Deep Portage Learning Center operates a shooting sports complex which includes a 100 yard rifle range and a 10 station sporting clay pigeon course for shotguns.


The complex is only opened for:

  • Summer camp programming

  • DPLC fundraising events

The complex is not opened to the public unless an approved sanctioned event is taking place with a Deep Portage certified shooting safety range officer.


  • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

  • Maintain safe muzzle control at all times.

  • Be sure of your target and know what is beyond.

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

These rules are followed strictly on the shooting ranges. You will be immediately asked to leave if you fail to follow these rules, no exceptions.


Deep Portage Learning Center is proudly committed to keeping our shooting sports complex as environmentally friendly as possible.

Since 2019, we use only non-toxic ammunition (shotgun and rifle) during our summer camps and encourage you to do the same on our ranges.


Check out this non-toxic test video with former DPLC staff member and Professor of Wildlife at Bemidji State University, Dr. Brian Hiller, for more information on non-toxic ammunition.

2023 Shooting Events

Sporting Clays Fun Shoot

Saturday May 6th
 for two rounds of 50 clay targets (100 total)

-9am muffin and coffee social, 10am start

-Lunch provided in between rounds

Silent auction will be held during shoot hours

Pre-registration required, space is limited. Payment taken at event. For registration and any non-registration related inquiries please email Neal at or call 218-682-2325

*All 12, 20, 28, and .410 shotgun actions except single shots allowed

All shooting sport event proceeds go to Deep Portage Learning Center

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