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Sustainability doesn't have to be as big as a rooftop solar array or a new boiler. It's the little things too. Deep Portage is committed to finding every opportunity to practice its commitment to conservation, because everything we can do today makes tomorrow easier.

LED Lights


With 60,000 square feet of building to illuminate, Deep Portage needs a lot of light bulbs and a lot of energy. Our choice of  bulbs makes a big difference for our budget—and our planet.

LED bulbs are 50% more efficient than Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) and more than 600% more efficient than incandescent bulbs! And because each LED bulb is built to last for ten years, you don't have to replace them nearly as often.

Next time you visit Deep Portage, check out our bulb efficiency meter to see what a difference LED bulbs can make!

Electric Chainsaw


With nearly eleven miles of trails to keep clear, Deep Portage's chainsaws get plenty of use. Not only is this chainsaw far quieter than a gasoline-powered version, it also runs off of renewable electricity produced by our solar and wind installations.

Solar Flashlights


From stargazing to campfires, Deep Portage makes full use of the night. But sometimes a little light is helpful.

These HybridLight flashlights absorb energy from the sun all day and store it so they can provide illumination at night. So even when the sun has set, we're still lighting our way with sunshine!


Electric Auger


The fun of a hand-cranked auger gets a bit old if you have to drill enough holes for a whole class to go ice fishing.

But this electric auger speeds things up nicely—without the smell or loud noise of a gasoline auger. And best of all, the electricity that powers it was generated right here at Deep Portage.

Electric Mower


This electric mower keeps our lawns tidy. It runs much more quietly than a gasoline mower, and you can simply plug it in to recharge it after each cutting.

Instead of using fossil fuels, this mower uses electricity generated by our wind and solar installations. That makes our mower just as green as the grass it's cutting!

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