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Upland Bird Camp

Dates: TBD (overnight)

Ages: 12-16

Tuition: $525
Prerequisite: MN Firearms Safety Certification (call or email if camper has out-of-state FAS) 


Upland Bird camp offers campers the opportunity to learn the basics of hunting upland game birds and improve their wing shooting skills. Classes cover: 

  • Upland bird biology from trained biologists,

  • Daily wing shooting instruction on our 10 station sporting clay pigeon course,

  • Dog training techniques. 

  • Ethical hunting techniques

  • Campers participate in an activity to learn how to respectfully gain permission on private lands.


Trained dogs are an important aspect of upland bird hunting so this course includes a field trip to Pine Shadows Kennel where students receive hands-on training with professional dog trainers to handle dogs in the field. Stations include:

  • Flushing/pointing dog techniques in the field with live birds

  • Skeet shooting

  • Dog first aid basics

  • At one station, the Pine Shadows staff give each camper a puppy to hold onto for 45 minutes to teach them how to handle young dogs!


This is a great way to meet friends and learn about birds, dogs, and bird hunting. Each camper can expect to go about a case of shells by the end of camp on the shooting course. 

*Students can get scholarships through the MDHA, Ruffed Grouse Society, Pheasants Forever, and local sportsmen's/women's clubs.

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