Upland Bird Camp

Dates: August 1-6, 2021

Ages: 12 – 16

Tuition: $450
Prerequisite: MN DNR Firearms Safety Training

Sponsored by the Ruffed Grouse Society and Pheasants Forever, this camp offers campers that have a fire arms safety certificate the opportunity to learn the basics of hunting upland game birds. Classes cover the habits and habitat needs of game birds as well as safe and proper wingshooting techniques and even how to prepare and cook game birds. Students will learn ethical hunting techniques and the role of conservation organizations in maintaining the sport of game bird hunting as well as how to locate hunting areas and how to respect private landowners.


Trained dogs are an important aspect of upland bird hunting so this course includes a field trip to Pine Shadows Kennel where students learn about bird dog breeds and training techniques. *Field trip may be cancelled Summer 2021*


Upland Bird Camp is a great way to meet friends and learn about birds and bird hunting.

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