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Our Wind Turbine

Deep Portage's wind turbine is named "The Bette" in honor of Bette Green, a longtime Deep Portage trustee.

  • Installed July 2011 by Residential Window Power (New York Mills, MN).

  • Ventera brand turbine, manufactured in Duluth, MN.

  • 130 feet tall, blade sweep of 17 feet.

  • 10 kw at peak power.

  • $76,000 investment, funded by LCCMR of Minnesota.


Wind from the Grid

Although Deep Portage's wind and solar installations generate a lot of electricity, there are times when it's not enough to keep things running. We purchase additional electricity from Crow Wing Power, and we pay a little bit extra to be sure that what we're using was generated using wind power. 

That way, even when it's not our electricity, we know that it's renewable. 

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