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Forkhorn Camps
Youth Firearm Safety & Hunting Camps

Forkhorn I (all overnights)

Dates: TBD

Tuition: $500 or $475 for MDHA members |

Ages: 11-15

Successful completion of this camp earns students their MN DNR Firearms Safety Certificate. By learning in a cooperative classroom, doing hands-on activities outside, and plenty of practice at our rifle range, you can be assured that your camper will come away with a high level of firearms safety, responsible hunting practices, and wildlife ecology skills. Although they will be busy with firearms safety training, campers will also have plenty of time for recreational and outdoor skills classes such as canoeing, fishing, survival, orienteering, rock climbing, and much more.

Forkhorn II (overnight)

Dates:  TBD
Tuition: $500 or $475 for MDHA members

Ages: 12-16
Prerequisite: MN DNR Firearms Safety Certificate (Forkhorn I is not a prerequisite)

Students will be certified in the Minnesota Bowhunter Education Program (MBEP) as part of the camp; this certification is required in to purchase archery hunting tags in many states, provinces, or special designated archery hunting areas in MN.  This advanced hunting camp takes students beyond the basic white-tailed deer hunting and offers higher level training in bow hunting such as shooting out of deer stands and walking a 3D archery target course. Additionally, they will learn advanced map and compass skills, high caliber rifle and muzzleloader training, and ethical hunting practices. Campers will go on a day long canoe trip down the Boy River, up and over beaver dams to the remote Little Boy Lake to fish and have a campsite lunch. 

*Personal bows and arrows are allowed at camp, but target tips only*

Forkhorn III (overnight)

Dates: TBD

Tuition: $550 or $525 for MDHA members |

Ages: 13-16
Prerequisite: MN DNR Firearms Safety Certificate

This improved Forkhorn 3 camp no longer has an Advanced Hunters Education certification. Instead, it will focus on advancing on the outdoor and conservation skills learned in Forkhorn 1 and Forkhorn 2. Campers will be doing advanced land navigation course with higher level survival techniques, rifle ammunition basics, muzzleloading, and shotgun wing shooting at our sporting clays course. We will be featuring special theme days at camp such as turkey, waterfowl, small game, and big game days where campers will learn more in depth information about the wildlife they can pursue and how to become more successful. Campers will go home with their own turkey and duck calls! This camp will also feature an overnight tent camping experience on DP property.

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