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Green vehicles

On both land and water, Deep Portage's commitment to renewable energy is embodied in the vehicles that keep campus running. Fueled by the sun and wind, our electric vehicles are reliable workhorses - and superb teaching tools about the future of energy.


Electric Polaris Ranger

Blue Ranger​

  • Purchased in 2014, this electric workhorse gets daily use around campus.

  • When fully charged, it has a 25 mile range

Grey Ranger

  • Purchased in 2021

  • When fully charged, it has a 150 mile range

Both Rangers

  • We use them for transporting firewood, equipment, and students with mobility challenges.

  • The EVs are plugged in overnight and are fully recharged for another day of action

Electric Chevrolet Bolt

  • We purchased this 2017 model in 2018 for DPLC travel.

  • Features a 200 hp/150 kW permanent magnetic drive motor.

  • It can travel to Duluth and back (more than 250 miles) on a single charge.

  • It is equipped with a 240 V Level 2 charger that charges overnight. With a Level 3 SAE Combo DC fast charger, it takes only 30 minutes to charge enough to travel 90 miles.

Electric Boat with Solar-Powered Charging Station

  • Purchased in 2018

  • Boat uses a 25 hp electric motor powered by onboard batteries.

  • The quiet motor makes for a much more pleasant boating experience.

  • Battery stores enough for a full circuit around Big Deep Lake, more than 4 miles.

  • Batteries plug into solar panels mounted above the dock to recharge.

  • Recharges fully in 6-8 hrs on a sunny day.

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