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Teaching Renewables

When it comes to renewable energy at Deep Portage, we practice what we preach... and we teach what we practice. Our collection of wind, solar, and biomass systems are an extraordinary teaching tool, and we incorporate them into our school programs and our public programming.

Renewables in the Classroom

In 2012, Deep Portage partnered with several other Minnesota environmental education centers to developer renewable energy curriculum. We teach three classes that resulted from that partnership:

  • Biomass Basics

Students explore how firewood heats Deep Portage and measure trees using forestry techniques.​

  • Wind Power

Students design, build, and test wind turbines.

  • Solar Power

Students simulate the ​inner workings of a solar panel and power a model house using the power of the sun.

Renewable Energy Public Programs

Deep Portage hosts renewable energy tours for those who are thinking about installing renewable energy systems or who are simply curious to learn more.

Check out our public programs to find upcoming tours. If there's nothing scheduled soon, drop in and say hi - our knowledgeable staff is happy to talk with you and answer any questions you have!

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