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Environmental Educator Position (Sep-May)

Position Summary

This is a field teaching position. An instructor can count on spending most of the instructional day outside with students, chaperones, and visiting staff. Our programs include field science classes (Bog Ecology, Bass Pond in Winter, Macroinvertebrate Sampling, Forest Ecology), physical skill building (Canoeing, Climbing, Archery, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing), and cross-disciplinary lessons (Orienteering, Nature Journaling, Biomass Basics, Wind Power, Team Building).

Environmental Educators primarily focus on teaching. The primary audience is children in 4th-6th grade, but educators will gain experience with K-12 students throughout the school year. There are also opportunities to develop and refine curriculum, create interpretive displays, participate in community programming, and contribute to a sustainably managed school.

Click here for full job description (coming soon).

Position dates: September 3rd, 2024 - May 23rd, 2025

Make a difference in students' lives everyday!

Instructors at Deep Portage teach a majority of the time. The main focus of the classes are environmental science, natural resources, outdoor recreation, and team building. Check out these pictures to see some of our teaching staff in action. 

Live on a beautiful campus where recreational opportunities abound!

Scroll through these photos to get a glimpse of the housing and campus. More photos of the natural beauty surrounding our campus here!

Be a part of the larger community!

While Deep Portage is located in rural north central Minnesota, there is still plenty to keep busy with. We are a short drive from the towns of Hackensack, Longville, and Pine River. A few popular attractions for staff include:

What Former Staff Say:

“So much to say here. The exposure to literally thousands of students and adults is valuable in crafting your educational style. Deep Portage solidified my love of experiential learning and the joy of teaching."

— Jared Little, 2011-2012

“Deep Portage has helped me become a more well-rounded educator. From teaching kids about orienteering to sustainable energy. One thing that surprised me was just how important the local community can be to help support an organization."

— John Roth, 2021-2023

“Working here taught me so much about working with people/students from different backgrounds. I was reminded that we have no idea what a student's home life might be. This lesson in empathy will help me as I become a nurse to never make assumptions about the patients I treat."

— Steven Gang, 2014-2016

“So many things from Deep Portage have stuck with me. I had no idea how lucky I was to have 18k of beautiful hike and ski trails that started about 15 feet from my doorstep. What a gift.”

— Charlotte Wollenburg, 2009-2011

“I enjoyed working with people including teachers, chaperones, students, and coworkers. With all the challenges and new experiences, I grew professionally and personally. I really enjoyed my time and watching students enjoy and learn new things.”

— Kimie Shiozawa, 2021-2023

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