Frequently Asked Questions

Will students be able to talk with parents at home during their trip?

Communication between students and parents is available in the case of an emergency, but we encourage students to be fully present in their Deep Portage experience. If parents do need to reach their child, they can do so by calling our office at (218) 682-2325.

How do meals work at Deep Portage?

You'll be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Deep Portage - all cooked from scratch by our fantastic kitchen staff! You'll be very active while you're here so portion sizes are generous to make sure you have the energy you'll need. Deep Portage can provide you with alternate meals if you have any allergies or other dietary restrictions. Please make sure that you have filled out your Food & Allergy form prior to your visit. (It will be passed out by your teachers but you can get a backup copy here.)

What will sleeping arrangements be?

Students will stay with their classmates in rooms with several bunkbeds. Roommates will be chosen by the school's teachers. Mattresses are provided, but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. Rooms also include a bathroom and shower.

What will kids be doing during the day?

Your teachers will choose the classes that you'll be doing during the day. They will probably include some about science and conservation, some about teamwork and cooperation, and some about outdoor skills. These classes will vary depending on the weather and the season, but you will definitely be outside for many of them, so bring clothes that will keep you warm and confortable! To learn more about what you'll be doing at Deep Portage, check out our slideshow!

Can you recommend any books for getting ready for Deep Portage?

Yes! One of our favorites is Hatchet by Gary Paulson. It's about a boy who is forced to survive alone in the woods after a plane crash. It's set in a landscape similar to Deep Portage, and the author is from Minnesota!

How does Deep Portage support visitors with disabilities?

Deep Portage welcomes all visitors, and we will strive to make your visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our facilities are equipped for students and adults with disabilities. The Resources Heritage Center includes several handicapped accessible dorm rooms. We have an electric side by side ATV that we can use to transport people with limited mobility to different class locations. The winter snow offers the option of a sled for greater mobility. If you are concerned about how you or your child will be able to participate in your school trip, please call (218) 682-2325 or email and we can discuss solutions together.